2018 BMW Golf Cup International Tournament

The 2018 Rolfe Classic BMW Golf Day.

First held in Australia in 1988, the BMW Golf Cup International has continued to be an outstanding success.  In 2017, over 100,000 players participated in 50 countries, ensuring that this unique golfing event continues to be the largest amateur golf competition of its kind to take place worldwide. 

Will you be one of the 100,000 players participating in 2018?  The Rolfe Classic Golf Day is the qualifying tournament and will be held on Monday 16th April 2018 at the Royal Canberra Golf Club.  To see if you are eligible to participate, read the Guidelines below. 

If you have any queries about the Rolfe Classic Golf Day, please call Martine Pekarsky, Marketing Manager of Rolfe Classic BMW on (02) 6208 4129 or email marketing@rolfeclassic.com.  


The Australian Tournament of the BMW Golf Cup International 2018 is sponsored by BMW Group Australia. The BMW Golf Cup International will be held as follows:

1. BMW Dealer pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments will take place in Australia between 30th March and 31st August, 2018. These will be sponsored by BMW Group Australia and individual Australian BMW Dealers.

2. Individual BMW Dealers may conduct a number of pre-qualifying tournaments prior to conducting their qualifying tournament. At the Dealer’s discretion the number of players from a Dealer pre-qualifying tournament that will be invited to participate in that Dealer’s qualifying tournament will be advised prior to the commencement of play.

3. Participants are only eligible to play in one BMW Golf Cup International Dealer pre-qualifying and qualifying tournament in 2018. Those who participate in multiple tournaments will be ineligible to participate in the Australian Final.

4. Only amateur golfers over 21 years of age, with an official GA Handicap (via Golflink) and current membership at a registered Australian golf club affiliated with a State Golf Association are eligible to play in any section of this tournament. Players with social handicaps and handicaps that are not associated with an Australian home golf club with current golf club membership are ineligible for any section of this tournament. At Dealer pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments, all players must be able to verify their current GA Handicap (via Golflink) and certify their current category of club membership at their home golf club prior to play commencing. At Dealer pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments, all players must be able to verify their current GA Handicap (via Golflink) and certify their current category of club membership at their home golf club prior to play commencing.

At the Australian Final, all players must present to the Tournament Director at registration a letter from their current home golf club which a) details their category of membership of the club and confirms that they are fully paid up or financial member of their nominated golf club and b) certifies their current GA Handicap (via Golflink). Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the tournament.

5. Any player who competes in the Australian Final is not eligible to compete in an Australian Final for the next five years. Naturally, previous qualifying tournament winners are welcome to play in a Dealer’s pre-qualifying or qualifying tournament, however their scores will not count in the declared results of that competition. Similarly, those players who have represented Australia previously in a World Final, are welcome to play in a Dealer’s pre-qualifying or qualifying tournament however their scores will not count in the declared results of that competition and therefore they are ineligible to attend an Australian Final. To clarify, previous World Final participants are ineligible to play in a future Australian Final and World Final competition.

6. To be eligible to play in the Australian Final, players in dealer qualifying tournaments must have at least 4 competition rounds registered on Golflink during the previous 12 months prior to the date of the qualifying tournament.

7. Handicaps in the Australian Final shall be the lower of (a) the player’s current certified GA Handicap at the time of registration at the Australian Final or (b) the certified GA Handicap used in the qualifying tournament. In each qualifying tournament the Dealer, in collaboration with the club at which the tournament is played, must either ensure that the competition is processed through Golflink or return the original score cards to all players’ home clubs for re-handicapping immediately following the tournament.

8. Since 23rd January 2014 the handicap system used in Australia has changed to incorporate the use of Slope. The GA Handicap as displayed in a player’s Golflink record www.golflink.com.au is not intended for use as a playing handicap. The GA Handicap is to be used in conjunction with the Slope Rating of the set of tees for the course being played to calculate a golfers playing handicap for the day and this is called the Daily Handicap. Players will need to check their Daily Handicap prior to playing, as each course will have a different Slope Rating. The Daily Handicap is calculated by multiplying the player’s GA Handicap by the applicable Slope Rating for that course being played and this amount is then divided by the neutral Slope Rating figure which is set at 113.

9. There will be a separate GA Handicap category for Ladies (28.4 and lower), and two GA Handicap categories for Men – GA Handicap Category A (12.4 and lower) and GA Handicap Category B (12.5-28.4). Players with GA Handicaps outside of these categories (Ladies and Men’s B) may participate in a pre-qualifying or qualifying tournament on the proviso they accept a temporary GA Handicap of 28.4. However note that this will see the players on the stipulated maximum GA Handicap actually playing off a Daily Handicap greater than 28.

10. Male finalists who have reduced their GA Handicaps to 12.4 or better since qualifying in GA Handicap Category B, will compete in GA Handicap Category A in the Australian Final.

11. In each qualifying tournament the highest placed female BMW owner(1) and the highest placed male BMW owner(1) from each of the two GA Handicap categories (Men’s A & B) will be declared provisional winners on the day and subject to later verification of their registered GA handicap (via Golflink) and their participation in only one pre-qualifying and/or qualifying tournament in 2018 will qualify to compete in the Australian Final. Following confirmation of such verification each of the 3 winning participants will then be issued with an official invitation by BMW Group Australia to participate in the 2018 Australian Final.

12. The 2018 BMW Golf Cup Australian Final will be held at the completion of all dealership qualifying tournaments. Details of the Australian Final including dates and venue will be announced as soon as possible.

13. The three 2018 BMW Golf Cup Australian Final winners, based on the previously outlined handicap and qualifying criteria will then be invited to play against winners of the other countries in the BMW Golf Cup World Final. The next BMW Golf Cup International World Final is to be held on a date and venue TBA.

14. No employee or family member of either BMW Group Australia or a BMW Dealership, can win a BMW Golf Cup International pre-qualifying or qualifying tournament, or accept any prizes. Co-sponsors and co-sponsors’ guests are welcome to play in pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments, but are not eligible to win a place to the Australian Final.

15. In Australia, the Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited, shall apply, together with such Local Rules as in force at the clubs at which the pre-qualifying and qualifying tournaments are being played. For the Australian Final, Player Information details and Local Rules as approved by the Tournament Committee (in conjunction with the host golf club) will apply.

16. Play will be a STABLEFORD competition (full handicap) over 18 holes. (2)

17. In this competition, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect their play (eg. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule14-3.

18. If a tied result occurs, a count-back will be conducted in accordance with the Golf Australia count-back method as detailed in the competition and course management resources section of their website (www.golf.org.au).

19. A seeded draw will be conducted (in GA Handicap order) and players must start at the time established by the Tournament Committee, in accordance with Rule 6-3a. Following completion of player registration, starting times will be made by the Tournament Committee and announced later that day.

20. In Australia the BMW Golf Cup International is approved for the payment of expenses under Rule 4-2g/GA/4/2018 so that participants have their amateur status protected and may have their travel and accommodation expenses met by BMW Group Australia Ltd.

21. BMW Group Australia, in conjunction with its Co-Sponsors, shall cover selected travel and accommodation costs for the winning players to the Australian Final and also to the World Final of the BMW Golf Cup International.

22. The BMW Golf Cup International Tournament Committee shall have the sole management and control of the tournament, with the full power at any time to alter or vary any condition. The Tournament Committee’s decision on any matters affecting the tournament shall be final and the Committee shall not be responsible for any disadvantages that may occur as a result of a competitor’s ignorance of the Tournament Guidelines and Regulations. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they understand the Tournament Guidelines and Regulations.

23. Acceptance of invitations to attend the Australian and World Finals is taken as consent to use winners' names and photographic references for publicity purposes.

* * * * *
(1) A‘BMW Owner’ is defined as a current BMW Owner (or partner thereof) at the time of the Qualifying Tournament, this includes BMW service customers (vehicle may be any year of manufacture; Dealers must supply vehicle chassis details). This excludes children, extended family members, business partners, MINI and BMW Motorcycle owners.

(2) Pace of Play - Note for Australian Final: To assist in keeping the field moving players are requested that once they have exceeded the number of strokes allocated and thus are unable to score points on any particular hole, that they pick up their ball and move to the next hole.